Thursday, 12 October 2017

False nails are weird...

So yesterday evening I put some false nails.

Only a set that are a part of the Primark range- and I wasn't expecting much because they were so cheap. But I was pleasantly surprised. They looked really pretty once the glue had set (the glue was really weird though and had to be opened from the bottom! What's that all about!)! They were really easy to put on and my fingers looked so delicate and longer. So that was cool.

I was really happy until I decided I was hungry. So I've gone in the cupboard for some crisps and realised that my hands aren't used to these alien, unnatural extensions! I struggled with a bag of crisps. Then I struggled with picking the dog up. My hand felt like it was switching between non-existence and a state of fragility. It was not a nice feeling. In the end, I took the nails off in favour of some shorter ones, which I then forgot to buy.

A friend described me as a 'typical female' that worked at McDonalds- as soon as I got a holiday, I started doing my nails. I suppose he's right. But I repeat, they did look pretty.

That's all. I'll be back with something probably more serious than this, at some point this week.

Night all.

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