Wednesday, 8 March 2017

International Women's Day...

Good afternoon guys.

I'm going to start by saying how much of  good morning I had today! I was actually on time for my bus for once! And my lecture on The Duchess of Malfi was so engaging. I have a fondness for the revenge tragedy. I love it.

Okay, so today is International Women's Day and I've heard a variety of different things today.In the lift I heard a group of girls express disappointment with the day. She felt that our inferiority was being singled out because we were women. I've also read articles today that question the lack of an international day for men. If you're going to make sweeping statements like that and claim that today is a prime example of sexism, then you should really do your research first. International Men's day falls on the 19th of November, every year.  The Telegraph, quoting the World Economic Forum, pointed out that the pay gap that sees 'men earn more than women won't close until 2186' and to top it off, women are worse off than men with regard to both education and health quality. Why are some of us still okay, and accepting, of this?

So when I hear days like this responded to, by women, with mocking and jokes and the word 'femi-nazi', I do take offence. I totally respect that everybody is entitled to their own opinion and hey, feminism isn't for everybody. But believe it or not there are women out there who do want equal rights for both genders. It is not about superiority. I am tired of being made to feel like being a feminist, and wanting to be on an equal footing, is wrong and something outrageous. Feminist is not a dirty word. You are not going to catch anything if you say it. I want that ridiculous pay gap closed, and the glass ceiling shattered. I'm not wrong for that.

On a more positive note, I wanted to pay tribute to the many inspirational women within my life. There are so many women that have shaped and altered my life, both real and fictional. All of my friends and family have had a huge impact upon me. My favourite author, Jennifer Niven, who always makes time to listen to me.  Emma Watson, who is the UN Women Goodwill ambassador. She is truly admirable. Virginia Woolf with her essay collections. Elizabeth Bennet, Lottie from Holly Bourne's What's a Girl Gotta Do. I could sit here all day. These women are brave and unafraid and are inspirations to me.

There's a huge amount to be said for the men that also supported International Women's Day today too, instead of questioning when their day was.

The ranting and gushing is over. Have a lovely Thursday guys!

All the love x

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