Thursday, 2 March 2017

The candle question

Good evening folks. I just finished my quota of words on my essay for today. I've managed a total of 900 words for today. (I will confess that I wrote most of this essay while I was sat in my last class of monday, I'll admit! I'm sorry to my lecturer if he ever reads this).

Anyway, a friend asked me an interesting question today: If you could make five smells into candles that are unique and mean something to you, what would you choose? I was suffering with writers block and she thought it would be a good way to help me out of it. This is the same friend that sat on the floor with me yesterday morning when I showed up to uni after having four hours sleep, and was exhausted. She sat on the floor with me so that neither of us looked odd. A random act of kindness goes a long way folks.

Anyway, I found that this was quite a hard question and I only got as far as four.

But here goes nothing;

1. New books! There is nothing better than getting a new book. The first thing I do when they arrive in their amazon packaging, is open them a tiny bit and breathe it in. I've probably made myself sound super weird and am going to lose the few readers I have.
2. Old books! Old books have like a dusty smell to them, but I kind of like it. Anyone else?
3. The smell of rain; why? Rain is calming, I think. I like running in the rain too.
4. Toast. I know this one is weird. But I'm going to leave it here and not explain it. It's a smell I'll always associate with good memories.

Yesterday I had been up twenty hours.

Now I'm starting an assignment. Lets see if I can't beat that record.

I plan to reward myself with another post before bed. See you soon guys!

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