Monday, 27 February 2017

Another busy monday

Happy Monday folks!

This weekend has been crazy, busy and exhausting. I'm probably being overdramatic but long shifts have meant I've not had time to do anything that I had planned over the weekend. I finished the weekend with a ten hour shift and quite literally crawled into bed last night. So, I have come to university early in order to continue working on my essay for the realist novel. Instead, I am blogging. Three days without blogging is awful.

Anyway, one of my Austen books arrived in the post the other day- Being Elizabeth Bennet. Not only is the jacket absolutely adorable, but its just so entertaining! I started going through it straight away and finished the first run through last night. I ended up following the path of Elizabeth for this first attempt. However I did note that the other options and outcomes were really fun. For example, there was the option to slept with Darcy's gardener. Spoiler alert- surprisingly, you don't get to marry Darcy if you do this! I am so glad that this was recommended to me! I'm now just waiting for Lost In Austen to arrive, which from what I can gather, is more or less the same thing but exciting all the same.

I have, however, managed to start thinking about life after university. I was really keen on a masters degree. I still am. But I am also thinking about a gap year. A rather clich├ęd gap year actually, full of travelling. I've wanted to do a tefl course for a while now. I don't know. I'd settle for more time to read right now.

Why does time pass so quickly at university and yet so slow everywhere else? Seminar time. See you all later, I hope you have a lovely Monday.

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