Thursday, 9 February 2017

Midnight rambling...

Good Morning, I guess, all! It is exactly two minutes past midnight right now and I am still awake. I've finished working on my forum post for my assignment after ignoring it this morning and deciding to count how many books I had, instead. Interestingly, I found that I now own 336 books. That's before unpacking boxes that also contain boxes. I really didn't think that I had hit 300 yet. I'm so excited to move house at the end of the mouth, I get the joy of packing them up into many boxes and then unpacking and rearranging them. Oh and buying a new case!

I've been working all day on this forum post, aided by Alanis Morissette's cover of Crazy from The Devil Wears Prada soundtrack, and a selection of Madonna songs. I like Seal, but there's something about this cover that I fell in love with. I've switched between working in bed, and working at university and back again. It has been a good day.

This week, I actually started my February reading list, would you believe! I started Alexandra Bracken's The Darkest Minds. I have felt consistently anxious whilst reading this, and I've only got about half of the way through so far. Every time I think that Ruby and I can start trusting a group of people to get us out of this dangerous and strange camp, I feel as though I am being laughed at by Bracken. She is constantly introducing new and untrustworthy groups to save Ruby. There is no peace to be found in this novel as of yet. It seems to be exploiting the traditions of the YA dystopian genre, and using its traditions by the bucket load. At times it can be overwhelming. I plan on finishing it though.

Today, I realised the lost perks of anonymity. Whilst I was writing this post I began to consider it ten fold. For instance what not to do on a date would have been a very helpful thing for me to publish before hand, for people to consider at all. Giving some thought to this would have been of some benefit to me today.

But I have been productive today, I think. Expect more politics tomorrow.

One last thing; thank you all so much for such a positive response to my piece on anxiety. It was a huge deal to me and I am so so grateful.

Hope you're all well, goodnight x

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