Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Lost in Austen

Afternoon folks, I hope you're all having a good Wednesday!

I haven broken the spending ban that I put myself on (I have no willpower, that much is clear) and have ordered a couple of new books. Arriving on Friday is Being Elizabeth Bennet: Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure and sometime next week Lost In Austen will be arriving. I absolutely love adding to my Austen collection. I really need to stop buying books in preparation for moving house, but I figure two more won't hurt right? Shelf space is another story though! I am all for not judging a book by its cover but this is absolutely amazing.

This mornings lecture was really interesting. I will admit that I haven't finished Hamlet; I am almost there but favored finishing Swear on This Life after work last night. I'll finish it in time for next weeks class, I promise. We looked at varying film adaptations of Hamlet and the differences were amazing. I always think it's really clever that they set adaptations in different eras. Some of them are so well executed. We focused on the Kenneth Branagh's version and I really enjoyed it. Since then, I've been sat on the landing at uni.

Well I've been blogging and working on an essay (more blogging than essay) for about three hours now and should probably think about going home. I think I'll dig out a couple of dvds tonight and have a takeaway. I'm on the late shift at work tomorrow so seize the day and all that.

Have a great evening guys. See you tomorrow.

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