Saturday, 18 February 2017


Happy Saturday folks! I know it's been a couple of days but the late shifts at work have been killing me. After having a month of early nights, being at work until half past twelve hurts.

When I've not been at work, I have spent the past couple of days reading Pride and Prejudice again with the help of index tabs. Rereading it for an assignment only makes me realise how much I love it. I've bought more than a couple editions of this book this week, and will post pictures as soon as they arrive. I also found that amazon sells the Barnes and Noble cloth bound classics set of the complete works of Jane Austen, and they come in a sleeve! The set is officially at the top of my wishlist, and £65 is definitely a bargain for such a beautiful set of books.

Yesterday I finished Wintersong. It was one of the best things I've read this year but apparently it was based on the film Labrynth (which I will admit that I have not seen!). For me, it felt like a fairy tale. It was sorrowful and full of angst to begin with and though the angst was present throughout, the novel became more seductive and sexualised. The book could have been split in two halves, the tones are so different. The first half of the book feels like a game between our protagonist and the Goblin King. Whilst the second half is much more sexualised, emotional, and there is much more in the way of character development. The protagonist is Liesl and she is the 'ugly', underappreciated sister in possession of a great musical talent. I felt a bond form between Liesl and I. I felt her insecurities, her pain and I fell in love with the Goblin King's character at the same time as she did.

I loved this novel, and I was screaming by the time S. Jae- Jones ended it on a cliff hanger! But I am temporarily pacified with the news of an eventual sequel.

I hope you guys have had a wonderful week and are ready for another one. Why is February going so fast? I know it's a short month but this is ridiculous.

More soon folks!

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