Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A post that doesn't mention Trump...

So this weekend was the last one that is not overshadowed by the return to work, and what did I waste my Sunday doing? Finishing Robinson Crusoe. My copy is now absolutely covered index tabs. The various colours have made it look pretty, and also like I know what I am doing and this can never be a bad thing. I am just so excited to start studying Austen on this module.

However, before my near death experience with Robinson Crusoe I spent the night at a friends house. I had a lovely time and, of course, came away with a handful of books. I'm borrowing Catherine O' Flynn's What Was Lost and the most beautiful collection of poetry by Lorraine Mariner. I also gained a copy of The Colour Purple and a book of poetry by Carol Ann Duffy. I was very very happy and
cannot wait to start What Was Lost.

Last night I managed to finish my current read of The Problem with Forever, by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Whilst it was an easy read, and incredibly emotional, it wasn't the best YA I've read. Mallory was a lovely character, with an abusive background and yet she is so so brave. It was
endearing because she is oblivious to it. The character development was wonderful to read and Mallory's character definitely inspires bravery in the readers. The romantic element though, this was where I felt it lacked realism. I want Mallory to grow away from Rider. Sure, they're a lovely couple but I felt that she had more potential alone. I don't know.

What are my plans for today? I want to start planning an assignment, and I want to clean. I've got the bug.

Happy Tuesday to you all.

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