Monday, 20 February 2017

'Is Elizabeth a Bennet sister?' and other strange questions

So once again it is a Monday (actually twenty past midnight on Tuesday, but it was Monday afternoon when I started this!), and I've spent my day split between sitting on the landing at university and lectures. Today was a pretty good day, and it's been warm. I have seen the people of Wolverhampton wearing outfits constructed of jumpers, jeans and sandals. It is amazing what a couple degrees increase in temperature does. Even I wore shoes that weren't boots, or heeled.

Today I've planned a couple of essays and I am really pleased with them. But I started my day in bed, eating chocolate and reading a good book. I started The Empress of a Thousand Skies last night, and ended up finishing it this morning. Monday mornings are so very peaceful and relaxing; my only guaranteed morning off all week. As for the book, I rated it 4/5 stars. I found myself enjoying it, but felt as though the twist was very predictable. Everything seemed a bit too predictable. It seemed a bit obvious. Regardless, I'm praying that there is a sequel. There are so many unanswered questions.

Monday featured lectures on the world of Austen, and on The Death of a Salesman. The Austen lecture was awesome; there were lots of critics included and absolutely loads of context. Apart from when somebody asked if Elizabeth was one of the Bennet sisters...

An essay idea hit me whilst I was sat on the landing for my Austen essay, I've never been so excited to start writing an essay. Yes, I am a loser. But I've been so productive today and that needed celebrating.

So after uni I went for a drink at a friends house; a couple of glasses of wine might mean that I sleep better tonight. Sitting around singing along to The Script has made my evening.

I read a strange article on The Independent's website today; the headline was 'Spies are 'plotting' to take down president Trump, says former CIA operative'. Maybe I'm missing something but I thought spies implied secrecy? The article discusses the mistrust between President Trump and the intelligence community but this plotting is said to be going beyond their duty and interfering with American democracy. Additionally, a three hour debate took place today to decide whether or not Trump should be granted a state visit to the UK. On one hand, it is obvious to argue that Trump shouldn't be allowed to visit on the basis that he is a 'bully' and a 'bigot' according to a report on The Guardian. However, other politicians argue that we have allowed other tyrants into the UK on state visits before. Perhaps this should stop now? Perhaps we should stop extending the hand of friendship to bullies? But I can understand why this hand of friendship is so important to us. Trade is important to us, and peace is important. I can't help but wonder if to extend the hand of friendship is to be taken for a fool by Trump. More on this tomorrow, I think. It is an interesting debate.

Good night guys, I promise I will post something more substantial this week. Hell, just wait till I start packing up my room to move house. You'll be getting all kinds of crap then. Packing and unpacking books is my favourite. I always forget what I have and get tempted to reread so much.

I'm really saying goodnight now- happy Tuesday folks! I hope you've had equally an equally happy Monday!

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