Sunday, 5 February 2017

It started with The Daily Mail and Kristen Stewart...

Now normally I avoid The Daily Mail like the plague. But I came across this, yesterday, whilst looking at the Trump related news online, scrolling through a mix of headlines from all different websites. Amongst worrying headlines about Trump's daughter and her husband preventing him from signing an 'anti-gay law' and the fact that Trump 'respects' Vladimir Putin. Then I found this ridiculous headline and found it far too amusing to write it off and ignore. Stewart references Donald Trump's tweets from 2012; 4/5 years before he became president. She looks so pleased with herself.

She joked that president Trump didn't hate her, but had instead taken a dislike to her because he was secretly in love with her boyfriend of 2012. At this point I had to google whether she and Robert Pattinson were still together. The fact that they weren't only made it more humourous.I hope think that she is trying to make a point; that Trump is far too invested in celebrity culture, and in other peoples lives. Perhaps she's attempting to prove that he is an idiot, as if we didn't already know. I am at a loss. But the fact that this was included amongst some of the most worrying headlines I've seen, was laughable. I also liked that the Mail refers to her as Steward on occasion, instead of Stewart. An alternative fact, perhaps?

Today, however, I find myself reading more serious articles regarding Trump's rage toward the 'so called' judge that temporarily overruled his travel ban. Once again, we have a blatant display of disrespect from President Trump and after taking my first look at his twitter, I am appalled. His tweets are rude, and they all bloody end in exclamation marks. I feel as though I am being yelled at, whilst reading. Donald Trump headlines the news daily with his prejudice and consistent bad decisions. But nobody has declared him the 'so called' president. It is not okay to disrespect someone's profession purely because they have disagreed with your opinions. The guy literally throws his toys out of his pram on a regular basis!

Now, I like Bernie Sanders attitudes toward Trump, he states that 'we are a democracy, not a one-man show [...] we are not another Trump enterprise.” Sanders fears that Trump's presidency is beginning to head in an 'authoritarian direction' and that much is obvious. I have come to spend so much of my time reading about Trump's latest escapades. My lecturer commented recently that he is currently a part two different time zones; his own and that of Trump. I wholeheartedly agree and am doing this myself on a daily basis now. I have started reading the newspaper, I read twitter responses to Trump's actions and I partake a daily google search.

I am equally appalled by the fact that the vice president opened Black History Month with an appreciation tweet regarding Abraham Lincoln. I watched as a collection of sarcastic responses on twitter unfold. People could not believe Pence had begun Black History Month by calling for the celebration of a white male. How do these people not hear themselves?! What bliss it must be to live in ignorance.

This afternoon I sat in a seminar and we discussed Robinson Crusoe. It is terrifying that we were able to see so many similarities to Trump across literature. Crusoe and themes of colonisation led to a brief discussion surrounding Trump's misguided ideas. I can see Trump in a discussion about Gatsby, in phrases such as 'morally bankrupt'. I see a reflection of Trump and the agony that he inflicts everywhere just lately.

Today, I leave you with another headline I spied today. Trump's team, allegedly, hold their meetings in the dark because they can't yet work the lights in the White House.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. More later on, after my American Literature's class is over.

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