Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Falling for Shakespeare...

So after yesterdays cleaning bug, the kitchen and my bedroom are now spotless. But I did manage to fall down the stairs in the process of tidying the kitchen. Now my back is in complete and total agony. This is not making today fun, at all. I cannot get comfortable or concentrate for the life of me.

I have been awake since ten past five when the dog jumped on me. I've developed a cold over night and yes I am having a complain this morning. I am now enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and attempting to construct a plan for an assignment that is due in three days.

Shakespeare lecture was enjoyable and I'm spending my afternoon preparing for a forum post assignment. I just wish more people would contribute. Shakespeare is daunting and it is a Wednesday morning. But the language, and multitude of plots are so interesting to me. Perhaps I am just a complete nerd.

Though I promised Sophie and Amy a mention, on the account of it being very cold in that class room.

Just a short one! I hope you are all having a lovely week, folks.

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