Thursday, 22 December 2016

A very bookish christmas

I have spent five long hours on my assignments this evening. My back hurts, and my brain is subsequently incapable of anything. Before deciding to put down the books for the night, I started a search for Bond related memes. That, is how I knew it was time to quit. However, I did find this masterpiece.

Anyway, this year has been a wonderful year for reading and according to Goodreads I've read around 30,000 pages this year. This month has been a good month for buying books too. So far, I've purchased The Princess Saves Herself in this One by Amanda Lovelace, A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and Angela Carter's Fairy Tales. I'm most excited to read A Monster Calls! The trailer for the film looks absolutely beautiful. Patrick Ness is a particular favourite of mine and The Rest of Us Just Live Here gives me great hope for A Monster Calls!

In that past couple of days I've had a couple subscription boxes arrive, almost a lot of last minute Christmas shopping. The first box to arrive came from the USA; Owl Crate! It's a tad expensive but it's something I look forward to every month! However, this month I decided to compare Owl Crate with Fairy Loot. Fairy Loot is less expensive because they're based in London. It was wonderful to get two boxes this month!

 First, Owl Crate! The art work in this months box was absolutely wonderful and something I fully intend to start decorating my shelves with. I'm half way through Of Fire and Stars. It's a slow burn so far but the characters are beautifully presented. Denna and Mare especially. If the novel were to progress at the same race as it has, I'd be giving it 3 stars. It's enjoyable, but not something I'd seek out myself.

My favourite thing from this box is the very tiny Hedwig figure! I had a lot of fun taking pictures of this box's contents!

Onto Fairyloot! This was my first box from Fairyloot and I was so excited. The book in this box was Flashfall by Jenny Moyer. This is a highly anticipated YA novel! I'm very excited about this! But I think it'll be something that I'm more likely to get around to in
January. Like Owl Crate, there were so many beautiful pieces of art work, from the Lunar Chronicles and other sci-fi YA novels. My favourite from this box though, were the book marks! There as a beautiful one with a quote from Amie Kaufman. I'm growing a small collection of book marks, and book themed pins!

The comparison between boxes was something I really enjoyed this month! I'd definetly say that Fairy Loot was better value for money. However, next months Owl Crate theme is Classic Remixes. The theme was made for me! Anyone who knows me will be aware of how much I love Classics! Especially if its Austen themed!

Speaking of Classic remixes, I've purchased a couple of the Austen Project reltellings this morning; by Alexander Mcall Smith and Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld.

This week has been tough. Although after snooping under the tree yesterday afternoon, I've discovered that my mom has purchased a good number of books for me, for Christmas! Some of which she wrapped in white paper- I spied Sarah J Maas' Throne of Glass series! A little bit excited.

I have no doubt that the severe university work load will drive me to procrastinate through blogging before Christmas. However, if not, have a very happy Christmas guys!


  1. Fascinating boxes of books - you're buying in bulk now!
    My thoughts on 'Eligible': (at the end of various other things).
    One last thing: you're getting closer to 'definitely' but you're not quite there!
    Happy Christmas.

    1. I'm also killing my bank balance!

      I'll get there eventually, may need you to point it out for a bit longer haha.

      Happy Christmas!