Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Death by yet another Austen sequel...

Okay. I hold my hands up. I was warned and I went ahead and read it anyway. I should have listened to the advice I was given and I fully deserve an 'I told you so'. The worst part is that I'm not even finished!

Let's observe my goodreads posting for the day:

I've been updating my progress throughout the day, documenting my discontent as I've progressed. And before anything else, here we have a couple of my favourite quotes!

'If this were fiction, could even the most brilliant novelist contrive to make credible so short a period in which pride had been subdued and prejudice overcome?'


Oh! Then there was this!

'...but I think we can look to the ladies for this. Isn't that what they see as their function, to clean up the mess we make of our rooms and sometimes of our lives?'

Do I even need to say anything?!

Well P. D James, all I have to say is that I didn't think anybody could make Eligible appear half decent. You've made me appreciate Sittenfeld's attempt at modernising Pride and Prejudice. So I guess that's an achievement. At least Eligible had me laughing.

The writing is awful. The characterisation is even worse. Lydia's complete hatred for Elizabeth is almost painful to read. I am praying that Mrs Bennet doesn't make an appearance because I seriously don't think I can handle much more. The prologue was horrific. Honestly, I felt like it was Pride and Prejudice in five seconds. This feels like really bad fanfiction. I just want her to put these much loved characters down! Stop messing with them. You are underqualified!

I rolled my eyes at comments such as 'Elizabeth gave a cry of delight and, with Georgiana following, ran to the front door'. The ridiculous conversation between she and Colonel Fitzwilliam regarding Wickham was ridiculous. He asks Elizabeth if Wickham is still not accepted at Pemberley, then informs us that he is already aware of why this is, due to being Miss Darcy's guardian. For gods sake.

Quite frankly, everything about this book is driving me nuts. Even Elizabeth and Darcy's relationship is pissing me off.

After a quick google, I found a list entitled 12 'Pride And Prejudice' Retellings Even Serious Jane Austen Fans Will Love and it was one awful list. It started with Eligible, included what looked like a couple of chicklits, and ended with Death Comes to Pemberley, and Bridget Jones' Diary. I am fine with Bridget Jones. However, it did remind me of a book I read about a year ago... Austenland by Shannon Hale.

I re-read it this afternoon and realised why I'd disliked it so much. The premise is interesting, I guess. I don't know if it is meant to be ironic but Jane Hayes is literally the type of woman that Jane Austen was poking fun at in her books. There is a part in which Jane Hayes is depicted undergoing the realisation that rather than fitting the role of Elizabeth, she is more like Mrs Bennet. Maybe I'm being cynical after reading over 100 pages of P.D James. Either way, wow.

I will, of course, post a full and even more detailed review when I finish the book. I'm trying to get through it quickly, so I never have to look at it again!

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