Friday, 20 January 2017

Not with a bang, but with a whimper...

I will try to keep this brief, for fear of ranting.

Okay, currently I am sat on the floor waiting for the inauguration to begin. I am scrolling through twitter whilst waiting, and my god there are some very mixed views! Some are referring to today being on the 'right side of history', stating that this is the start of a journey to make America great again. There are those that condemn this view, referring to Trump as a racist. A lot of these tweets include mentions of The Hunger Games as a consequence of this choice of leadership. Whilst Obama, by many, is viewed as the change that the world needed.

Whilst I'm not American, I am still... weary, shall we say. I felt even more daunted by Trump after seeing a video comparing Obama and Trump's attitudes to their daughters. Trump stated that if Ivanka Trump weren't his daughter, he'd probably be dating her. Meanwhile Obama states that seeing his daughter wearing heels for the first time, was 'jarring'. I think we have two very different men here, and to say that they will have different attitudes about the governing of America is an understatement. Ivanka Trump has been described as intending to fulfil the role of the 'first daughter' throughout Trump's presidency whilst his wife stays back in order to raise their son. Melania is described as having taken 'a back seat' in comparison to Ivanka, however both encourage Trump to abstain from Twitter.

'We will follow two simple rules: buy American, and hire American'.

My particularly favourite tweet was one that stated that 'Trump's family looks like [a] poster for 'White America', all fake and overly privileged. Except for Baron, he looks sad'.

And this one...

Speeches of equality are being given and they are honestly laughable. The very sexist and racist president of the United States of America does not embody any of these views, or qualities.
Donald Trump states that 'we are transferring power from Washington D.C. back to you, the people'. I refuse to believe this. But my personal favourite was that there was 'no room for prejudice', how can you not realise that your entire campaign was based on such things? The scent of hypocrisy was strong, and sickening.

I'm now watching Trump supporters say that his speech was inspiring and powerful and they thought he had some good ideas. I don't remember him telling his audience how he was going to achieve this supposed greatness. Trump, you are laughable. Commentary refers to the speech as a telling off  for both the previous presidents and the audience. The BBC regard him as someone that is inconsistent, and unpredictable. Someone that is known for changing his mind and they give the example of his frequently changing views on abortion.

Though the differences between Obama's character and Trump's are clear, I think the numbers of attendance today speak for themselves.

On the left, we see Washington full of spectators ready for Obama's 2009 inauguration. On the right was the view of Washington today.

Meanwhile, Washington is being destroyed by protesters. And I, for one, was sad to see the Obama's leave the White House who, as it was pointed out, have left without a scandal of any kind.

However I will say that Michelle Obama's face was definitely my favourite thing about today. She was just as emotional and disgusted as the rest of us. That much was clear right from the very beginning with the Tiffany &co. box.

I leave you with a Pixar gif that I think expresses today quite accurately. I have nothing more to say. 

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