Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Once Upon an essay...

I've settled myself at university for a few hours. After three hours of writing about fairy tales, reading the words 'once upon a time' even once more may well send me over the edge. I've found myself more drawn to blogging and procrastination than ever. It's really nice to be back, and to see some familiar faces. I am currently surrounding by library books covering everything from fairytales, to feminism, to James Bond. I also have a satirical screen play to write.

I finished Eligible a couple of days ago. It was the first book on my Goodreads list for this year. I'll be posting a review in a couple of days. My amusement and sheer horror cannot be kept in. First Mr Bennet's name being Fred, hate sex between Elizabeth and Darcy, and Lydia marrying a transsexual. Good god.

I'll save it for my review, anyway. I have so much to say that it requires it's own post.

Anyway, I had settled into the new year now. I've dyed my hair, cleaned out my Filofax and bought some new inserts, and have almost finished my assignments. So far, the worst thing to happen to me is dropping my phone on my nose whilst trying to text and rest at the same time. I've learnt my lesson. Don't lie on your back and text, folks. It hurts!

Anyway, back to Sherlock. I just started series one. Benedict Cumerbatch is very pretty and a very good Sherlock.

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