Monday, 23 January 2017

To read or not to read...

Well today marks my return to university, which is nice. I have come in early to start the reading that I perhaps should have started earlier. I started with Hamlet, and I bought new highlighters. However I've read about nineteen pages then started this blog post. This is not going well.

In the last week I have managed to read a total of eight books! I finished the Harry Potter series. I felt as though Deathly Hallows was rushed, though definitely emotional.

I also got a hold of Veronica Roth's new release Carve the Mark! I finished it inside of twenty four hours. In comparison to her Divergent series, it was a slow burn. There were more chapters from Cyra's perspective, and it took me a long time to appreciate her character. The book itself was absolutely beautiful! I took off the dust jacket to read it, and found the cover was embossed with a map! It was a gorgeous hard cover.

Anyway, for a good twenty four hours I found it difficult to start a new book! I tried to finish Caitlin Moran's most recent book, Moranifesto. But in light of recent events, I found I wanted to read something by her that was more Trump focused. I tried a number of YA novels that were stocked up on my kindle. Nothing grabbed my attention. In the past twenty four hours I've read more openings to novels than every before. Instead, I found myself starting James Hannah's The A to Z of You and Me. I'm only in the first chapter, but so far so good. It's the first opening that really grabbed my attention. We'll see how this goes and pray that it does not distract me from Hamlet too much.

Happy Monday folks.

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