Thursday, 26 January 2017

Fairy Loot!

I was woken up this morning to a delivery of Fairy Loot! It took me a while to find my keys but I eventually got the door open, and got ahold of the box. I think this was the first time that I have been at home to receive it. Normally, I end up getting a card through the door cause I've missed it by a few hours. I was not disappointed this month! I was so pleased with the box that I decided to post an unboxing here. Let's start with the first picture I took of the box. I love the minimalist design of these boxes. They're so lovely. I apologise in advance for all of the pictures.

So the theme for this month was Mystery and Mischief, and Fairy Loot used influences such as Sherlock Holmes, Alice in Wonderland and The Night Circus in order to construct this box. The element of mystery was a funko mini mystery. The company sent out both Harry Potter mini mysteries and Game of Thrones. I received a Game of Thrones one. I honestly couldn't tell you the characters name, having not seen Game of Thrones but the little figure was adorable anyway. (I think my mom is taking it off my hands).

The next item I came across was a candle that was inspired by this months book, and the author named the candle! It came in a little tin and smells beautiful! I have a small collection of bookish themed candles that I still haven't burnt, so this will probably join those for the time being. The tin itself reminds me of the circus.

Following this was a beautiful necklace. The pendant was a rose, and the clasp resembled a cute little padlock. It was novel inspired and will probably make more sense to me after reading the book, but very pretty all the same!

Other items included an Alice in Wonderland bookmark, which was absolutely beautiful and very good quality! There was also a signed letter from the author, a  small Passenger notebook, a collection of other book marks, and a hard back copy of How to Think Like Sherlock by Daniel Smith. Two books in one box made me so happy! Fairy Loot boxes include so many fantastic items.
There were other items such as a pillow case! It featured a lovely quote from The Night Circus! I absolutely love it.

This brings me to this months Fairy Loot book. We have the highly anticipated Caraval by Stephanie Garber. Not only is this cover absolutely gorgeous, but it isn't due to be released for another five days which means that Fairy Loot subscribers get to read it early! It definitely sounds as though it was inspired by The Night Circus, which I love anyway. I am so excited to read this. I intend to start it tonight after finishing my current read.

 I've spent my entire day at home today, trying to finish Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts. I have to keep stopping to laugh. I have McCall's Emma to finish now, and I've finished all of the Austen retellings/sequels I have on my list for now. I may need to do a google search to find some more! I've had zombie versions, erotic versions, modern retellings,  and murder mysteries. I don't think anything has even come close to the original. I think tomorrow I may do an evaluation of all of them.

I've also been preparing for my university modules today, I reread The Tempest in preparation for my Shakespeare class next Wednesday. I'm so excited to carry on with The Realist Novel and my Shakespeare classes. Let's hope this streak of motivation continues long enough for me to start training for The Race for Life, as a friend and I signed up yesterday!

I'm going to a talk with James Hannah tomorrow night and I am so excited! I finished The A to Z of You and Me yesterday and I adored it. I'll probably be back here tomorrow night after that!

See you folks then!

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