Saturday, 21 January 2017

Love Trumps Hate

After yesterdays awful, nationalist speech from President Trump, I've woken up to a very Trump focussed social media. I'm still shocked. There are so many memes floating around the internet. There are also a number of women's marches happening throughout the UK, and America. Demonstrators are marching in order to highlight issues that they feel are being threatened by a Trump presidency. There is so much support from stars such as Charlotte Church, Lily Allen,  and Alexa Chung. They will be at marches today.  I also found a beautiful post from my all time favourite person, Jennifer Niven. The support has been overwhelming and that's made me so happy to see. That is the kind of beautiful change that I want to see in the world.

Whilst disgusting tweets such as these make me hate Piers Morgan even more, seeing pictures like the one on the right make me realise that love is so much more powerful than hate, and prejudice. I am so proud to be on the right side. There are those that will allow todays marches, and protests, to divide them in terms of gender, and race. But the whole point is to remain united. An organiser at a London march stated that "those who shout the loudest are often the most heard", whilst women and men of all ages joined together. I couldn't have said it better myself.

However, one of my favourite signs said:

'Hell hath no fury like 157 million women scorned'.

I think the crowds from yesterday, or rather a lack of, in comparison to the people that gathered in support of Obama just four years ago speak for themselves. Hate is so much smaller in its numbers.

I really wish I could have been involved in a march today, but sadly I am unwell in bed. I am so so happy to see all of these beautiful people that have decided to unite, all over the world, today.

Have a lovely weekend, folks.

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