Monday, 30 January 2017

Monday Rambling.

Just a brief one as I'm making a mad, last minute, dash through Robinson Crusoe after leaving the book at my moms last week. I'm almost half way through!

Last night I went along to a poetry slam as part of the Wolverhampton Original Literature Festival. It was my first time at a slam, and the atmosphere was amazing! It was a sold out event and I really didn't know what to expect. I saw fifteen local poets read some amazing pieces. There were a range of topics; capitalism, Trump, bombings, one individual's womb.

I wish I had gone to more of the festivals events this weekend but the two that I did go along to, I loved!

The other half of my weekend has been spent reading and researching for university. I am already up to my neck in realist novels, and Shakespeare.

However, tomorrow I am determined to make some progress with Caraval! I've had it for five days now, I am not back at work for another two weeks and I've still yet to make a decent start with it. Very frustrating. I keep putting it in my handbags to take with me, but it doesn't come out again until I get home.

More later guys. Expect some Trump related posts!

Have a great day!

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